The Wonderful World of CANBUS

Over time, this world has been evolving with technology and much of the industry utilizes this technology to help automate systems. CANBUS is one such standard which was developed in order to allow a huge system of devices to communicate with each other efficiently without the use of a host computer or mainframe. CANBUS is a message-based protocol, and it is used in a wide array of systems. Automotive and industrial applications use CANBUS to help cut back on expensive electrical wiring and to simplify the communication between all devices within their design.

Basics of a CANBUS System

When you’re working with the insides of an automobile, connecting individual modules together can become very complex and expensive. CANBUS helps to reduce cost and increase efficiency because of its two-wire system. All of the modules within a system are simply connected by their CAN+ and CAN- wires (other times referred to as CAN High and CAN Low). Each module has their own unique IDs and messages associated with them to provide details like status, specifications, speed, torque, temperature, etc. With 2GIG, we have developed our inclinometer sensor to provide angle and temperature readings via CANBUS. Our sensor’s specifications can also be adjusted through CANBUS messages in order to change the way it behaves under certain conditions and tilt angles.

CANBUS Assembly File

Typical Ways to Communicate

2GIG Inclinometers can handle two popular CANBUS standards of communication: J1939 and CANOpen. J1939 uses 29-bit message IDs, whereas CANOpen uses 11-bit message IDs. Each message IDs is transmitted at certain time intervals (depicted by the baud rate), each with associated node IDs. 2GIG Inclinometers can work with any CANOpen and J1939 system to help fit the customer’s needs. If you’re new to CANBUs and not sure what you need, we can help you get started on selecting a standard and protocol to best fit your design.

Adapting to Their Systems

The J1939 and CANOpen inclinometer sensors have default protocols in order to provide a quick solution for communication. Baud rates, node IDs, and data output can be customer configured. If a specific protocol is required, then 2GIG Engineering will work with you to create the exact CANBUS inclinometer that you need. There is no need to feel restricted by the specifications of your device. If you work with 2GIG Engineering, there will be no limits to what we can do for your CANBUS design. We will also work with you to create a custom CANBUS system.