Isolated Relay Inclinometer (Dry Contacts)

Isolated Relay Inclinometer (Dry Contacts)

The 2GIG isolated relay (dry contact) tilt sensor contains up to two embedded high-power relays (Omron G5Q) which can be used in a multitude of tilt switching applications, compatible with AC and DC switching.

When this tilt sensor is tilted past a specified angle limit(trip angle), it will activate the relay’s coil and cause the relay to switch.

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Basic Features:

  • Simple Installation, No moving parts or maintenance
  • Internal Processing Uses a Complex, Kalman-based Sensor Fusion Algorithm
  • High-accuracy in high vibration and acceleration conditions
  • Epoxy-Encapsulated Circuit

  • High Resolution: 0.01 Degrees
  • 3-axis Gyroscope with 3-axis Accelerometer
  • Wide operating voltage range of 6-40V
  • CE and ROHs compliance
  • Impact-resistant, UV-stabilized, and NEMA 4/4X rated housing
  • 7-inch, SXL Automotive Wires (standard)
Customizable Features:

  • Single Axis Measurement Range: +/ -0.5° to ± 180°
  • Dual Axis Measurement Range: +/ -0.5° to ± 90°
  • Mount Type – Mounted Horizontally or Vertically
  • Trip Angle
  • CANBUS Communication Available
  • Wall Adapter Power Supply Option
  • Unlimited Programming Capabilities
Output Behavior

The block diagram shows a visual representation of the wires on the tilt sensor, including the outputs for one isolated relay (each sensor supports up to a max of 2 relays).

The V+ and GND inputs are to be connected to a DC voltage source, which can be any voltage source within the range of 6-40VDC. When the tilt sensor is tilted past a specified angle limit, it will activate the relay’s coil and cause the relay to switch. While the sensor is in a level position (< trip angle), COM and NC are internally connected. When the sensor is tilted past the specified trip angle (and also after an optional trip delay), the coil will activate and switch the relay. While the relay is in the switched position, COM is connected to NO.

Isolated Relay Inclinometer