Analog Inclinometer (Custom Range)

Analog Inclinometer (Custom Range)

The 2GIG Analog inclinometer includes a customizable voltage range between 0-5V. This sensor outputs a linear voltage within 0-5V corresponding to both the specified max angular range and the voltage range. Dual or single-axis can be selected with a maximum tilt range up to ±90° for dual-axis or ±180° for single-axis. This sensor outputs a high precision 16-bit analog output which provides the user with a low tolerance signal to detect tilt movement as low as 0.01°.

The default voltage range is 0.5-4.5V, with 2.5V as neutral (level) position.

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Basic Features:

  • Simple Installation, No moving parts or maintenance
  • Relative Zero Button (stores in memory)
  • High-accuracy in high vibration and acceleration conditions
  • Internal Processing Uses a Complex, Kalman-based Sensor Fusion Algorithm
  • Epoxy-Encapsulated Circuit


  • Precision 0-5V Analog Output with 16-bit Resolution
  • High Resolution: 0.01 Degrees
  • -40 to 85°C Operating Temperature
  • Innovative built-in boost regulator provides 0-5V throughout the full input supply of 4-40V
  • Low Current Draw: 6mA at 24V Supply
  • 3-axis Gyroscope with 3-axis Accelerometer
  • CE and RoHS compliance
  • Impact-resistant, UV-stabilized, and NEMA 4/4X rated housing

Customizable Features:

  • Symmetric Voltage Range from 0-5V
  • Single Axis Measurement Range: +/ -0.5° to ± 180°
  • Dual Axis Measurement Range: +/ -0.5° to ± 90°
  • Mount Type – Mounted Horizontally or Vertically

0.5 - 4.5V Analog Output

Example: Max Angular Range = ±4°, Output = 0.5-4.5V

The graph displays the output behavior for an analog level sensor with a max angular range of ±4° in either the X or Y axis. The analog output is symmetric, therefore it will range from -4° to +4° for the voltage range from 0.5V to 4.5V