Out of the Box Engineering

It all boils down to creative solutions!  We love projects, challenges, customer interaction and success.   Our engineers will design any model of MEMs inclinometers to fit your application.  MEMs technology is the future and you can find it anywhere now to help solve many problems.  If you are not using this technology then we are here to get you caught up.  Let’s put a project together and change things.

Customized Tilt Sensor Specifications

When the standard model specifications just are not enough for your application, 2GIG Engineering has the ability to take any model type of the MEMs inclinometer and customize it in any way to work for you. In summary, we can provide the following customized models:

  • Analog: Adjustable 0-5V output
  • Milliamp: Adjustable 4-20mA output
  • Digital: Adjustable switch/relay behavior outputting volt supply at the specified trip angle. Any type of desired output can be specified, sinking or sourcing.
  • PWM: Adjustable PWM output by specifying the max duty cycle from 0-100%
  • CANBUS J1939 and CANOpen: Customized protocols for input and output messages; and optional digital, milliamp, or analog outputs. All output behaviors can be adjusted by the user through CANBUS if requested.
  • USB RS232: Customized output messages at any specified baud rate up to 115.2k; and optional digital, milliamp, or analog outputs. All output behaviors and USB specifications can be adjusted by the user through an input RS232 message if needed.

All level sensors have to ability to detect and provide the following readings:

  • Gyroscope angular rates
  • Accelerometer readings
  • Temperature
  • The current X angle
  • The current Y angle

Customized MEMs Engineering Services

Come work with us!  Is your project for a single unit or for mass production?   We love them all.  Please take a look below at some of the creative projects we have been working on.

  • LCD panel displays – hardwired and wireless
  • Wireless tilt sensors
  • Auto-leveling systems
  • Custom enclosures and Wiring kits

The possibilities are endless and our scope is unlimited.  Come to 2GIG Engineering with any request, and we will work with you to create the best engineering solution that fits your application.