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It’s a MEMS World

You probably don’t realize it, but MEMS technology is all around you. In your car, in your home, and even in your cell phone! You are surrounded. Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) technology has varied uses in multiple domains with new engineering taking place every day. MEMS is the technology of very small devices. The … Continued

The Wonderful World of CANBUS

Over time, this world has been evolving with technology and much of the industry utilizes this technology to help automate systems. CANBUS is one such standard which was developed in order to allow a huge system of devices to communicate with each other efficiently without the use of a host computer or mainframe. CANBUS is … Continued

Demand More from Your Tilt Sensor

If you do what you’ve always done you will get what you’ve always got! Do you remember using a flip phone before the smart phone came out? Some people were very hesitant to switch. You knew what to expect with the flip phone, plus that’s what you’ve been used to for years. Eventually the world … Continued

Robust Design Inside and Out

Robust is defined as a condition in which the product or process will be minimally affected by sources of variation. The MEMS Sensor is built to last. We are committed to utilizing only high quality components and the most advanced software to guarantee a sensor that will stand the test of time. First, let’s consider … Continued