About 2GIG Engineering

An inclinometer, or tilt sensor, is an instrument used for measuring slope, tilt, or inclination by using gravity. An inclinometer creates an artificial plane defined at zero degrees and measures the change in angle with respect to this plane. These devices go by many names, including tilt sensor, level sensor, bubble level, angle indicator, clinometer, protractor, slope meter, tilt meter, tilt/slope alarm, pitch/roll indicator, or level gauge. All refer to the same device!

2GIG Engineering manufactures inclinometers using MEMS technology. This technology can replace any existing mechanical inclinometer technology, including electrolytic or silicon liquid, bubbles, hall effect sensors, mercury, and pendulums. Not only does MEMS technology eliminate moving parts or potentially hazardous liquids, but it also grants the end-user nearly infinite operation. The advanced technology of the 2GIG MEMS Inclinometer takes all of the difficulty out of automated leveling solutions.

We Love What We Do

Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.

Steve Jobs

Core Values & Vision

2GIG is founded on the core values of empowerment, innovation, and efficiency. These three values flow from one to the next, making us who we are as a company. By empowering employees to be creative and independent thinkers, innovative engineering comes as a natural byproduct, as does efficiency.

We'll Lend You a Hand

Let us be an extension of your engineering team. Whether you are looking for a standard unit or a custom product, we are committed to delivering the best customer care experience possible. We encourage collaboration between our engineering team and yours, therefore, ensuring we are creating products tailor-made to suit your application. With communication, we can often simplify components and generate cost-saving ideas to benefit our customers.

Delivering Dependability

Our customers need to know they have a supplier they can depend on. In a nutshell, when we work with a customer consistently, we know their needs. This enables us to anticipate their orders and work toward continuous improvement. Our goal is to excel in complete customer care and develop products that exceed your expectations, from engineering and sales to manufacturing, testing, and finally to delivery and support.