2GIG Engineering specializes in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of MEMS inclinometers. We offer numerous standard inclinometers and provide solutions for a broad range of custom applications.


In stock inclinometers ship as soon as the next business day! We offer short lead times to meet your deadlines.

Tilt Sensors for Every Application

Inclinometers are used in various industries. Our team of engineers can work with you to provide customized solutions for your level sensing needs.


Wired Inclinometers

2GIG Engineering offers a wide variety of inclinometer models to choose from. They are all fully programmable, which enables unlimited capabilities to the end user. Because they are easily modified, this allows us to provide them as drop-in replacements for legacy units.

Wireless Inclinometers

The wireless inclinometers can be battery-powered or powered externally with DC power. They have the ability to transmit real-time readings to a PC, HMI, or a standard inclinometer model which converts the readings to an output signal.

HMI Packages

2GIG Engineering offers HMIs (digital displays) which will connect to wired or wireless inclinometers. The HMI can display readings, send commands to the inclinometer, and log data. The HMI’s are available in many different sizes, capabilities and mounting types.


We are always willing to take the extra step necessary to ensure complete satisfaction.

Direct Access
To Engineers

Our engineers are readily available to speak with customers at their convenience. Providing direct access to engineers knowledgeable in numerous field applications.

Turn-Around Time

Our team designs, assembles, and distributes quality packages worldwide. This eliminates logistic delays as we carry out the entire process.

Ample On-hand

For those customers requiring immediate needs, we’re able to provide responsive solutions whether it’s expedited manufacturing or next-day shipping.

Constantly Evolving

We are continuously expanding our product line to ensure our place at the forefront of technology. Dealing with numerous customer applications on a daily basis allows us to easily integrate ideas into new customer projects.

Designed & Assembled in America

Our inclinometers are designed, assembled, and shipped worldwide by 2GIG from our facility in Abbot, Maine. We carry out the entire process of providing our customers with the product they need. This allows us to offer the highest quality product and fastest response time.

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